The Role of U.N in War

feature-3The goal of United Nations is to prevent war and ensure that every country would be self sufficient and free from poverty. In case a War cannot be resolved other major members would intervene and ensure that all possible diplomatic solutions shall be done prior. Read More→

Amazing Facts About the United Nations

feature-2After the World War II, the U.N starting with the Big 4 have been known to ensure the no other bigger war like the past two great wars would happen once again. After it’s establishment other countries have joined and became it’s prominent member. Read More→

The History of United Nations

feature-1The idea for making the United Nations was conceived a couple of years before the First World War. The name “United Nations”, instituted by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt was initially used as a part of the Declaration by United Nations of 1 January 1942, during the Second World War, when delegates of 26 countries vowed their Governments to keep battling together against the Axis Powers. Read More→